The Apprentice Soloist is concertant piano music for beginners, where the solo part comes with an orchestral accompaniment for more depth and color. The masterpieces of the classical repertoire for piano and orchestra are meant for musicians with over a decade of committed practice of the instrument under the belt. In contrast, the apprentice soloist is meant for young (and not so young) beginners who can now have the thrill of making music together with an orchestra after as little as a few months of study.

And for those who do not have a string orchestra waiting at home, the Apprentice Soloist comes with a play along, a recorded version of the accompaniment, so that the soloist can play along and rehearse over and over again without fear of ever tiring the orchestra.

Videos are also provided in addition to the simple recording of the orchestral accompaniment: the score is then shown in sync with the music, so that the beginner can easily resynchronize after missing a beat or even failing on a full bar. These videos are a major contribution, since following along while reading a score also takes experience and practice.

All recordings are available in four version: with or without the piano solo part, at normal or slower speed for rehearsal.

At this time, there are eight pieces available for download, in increasing complexity. The first one is just under a minute long, and can be played with as little as a few months of practice. The last ones are more involved, and can be played by musicians with a few years of study under the belt.

And just in case you wondered, all this material is freely available. There is no catch. It is not a free version with limited functionality to lure you into paying a subscription. It is free and will remain so. You are more than welcome to download the scores, the recordings, the videos, play the music in the privacy of your home or for audiences of all sizes. You can give copies away to your friend and family, or to strangers in the street for that matter.

It is copyrighted music though, so the only thing you are not allowed to do is to claim this music as yours. I hope it is an acceptable restriction.

All we would want to ask from you is feedback. What you like, or don’t like about the music or the arrangements, a recording or a video of you playing the music. We’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy !

Darius Blasband

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